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Time for a change

With the general cost of living surging on a daily basis, it's getting harder to make ends meet. Even the most basic service like lawn mowing or dog sitting have become extremely expensive, forcing many to trade some of their free time to perform such small jobs themselves and ultimately lose in terms of quality of  life.

On the other end the youngsters, who typically have more spare time, don't have many opportunities to engage in communities jobs that would help them to mature their sense of responsibility and also to stem a new source of income for themselves and their families. 

Task Your Neighbor, your community at work!

By connecting people in their local communities and making everyone abilities known to each other, Task Your Neighbor serves as a new source of skills to perform all these small tedious jobs at a fraction of their normal cost. Wether you are a student, a housewife or a retiree this is your chance to make yourself useful to your neighbors and earn some extra bucks. The revolution has just started,  join us today!

Household works, daily chores, errands, domestic jobs, handy man works take almost four hours of our day

According to the General Social Survey 2010  - Overview of the Time Use of Canadian, adults above 25 in Canada spend nearly 4 hours a day in household work and related activities: cooking/washing up, housekeeping, maintenance and repair, other household work, shopping for goods and services and child care. There is surely someone in your area that can and want to help. How many times you had to sacrifice some of you deserved week end hours to clean the house, wash your car, cut the grass, clean the yard or fix a leaking sink? Unfortunately, that is not only a problem confined to the weekend only; other duties are entrenched in our daily life, starting early in the morning by walking the dog every day of the year whatever the weather looks like, helping the kids with homework's or tutoring the in maths or french or going for grocery shopping. The sad part is that hiring some professional for tasks like lawn mowing, babysitting, dow walking, math tutoring or snow shoveling is very expensive, that expensive that you risk to gain in spare time but not having enough money to enjoy it. What about asking your neighbour? I am sure you have tried or at least thought of asking a student next door to do your lawn mowing or dog walking or babysitting. With TaskYourNeighbor now you have access to a marketplace full of willing neighbours ready to help you with any of your daily chores, errands, household work even some handy man work for a fraction of the cost that you would spend with a pro. You will be surprised about how much you can save. That's not all, you will also help the community by hiring young students, housewives and retirees giving them opportunity to eran some extra bucks.

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