Cleaning professionals


Hi my name is Carol Ann I'm a professional cleaner with over 20years experience. Iv cleaned houses offices grocery store's but my passion is house's why well I'll tell you a bit about how it became my passion I got into accident and was unable to do the nitty gritty of my house hold dutys and for me this was the most stressful thing about my accident I love cleaning my home I like doing things my way but since I was temporarily out of order to say the least I needed a professional who could clean my way after ten phone calls and one visit to my hope I was discouraged 9 of the company's I called didn't do the insides of stoves fridge, cupboards ECT.. finally I found a friends cleaning lady very polite trust worthy charged 20 $ hour I was so excited but.... she didn't finish one thing the dishes first not complete 2 my stove she only cleaned half fidge she simply moved things around instead of taking everything out and cleaning it I thought since I was paying hourly it wouldn't be an issue to have it done my way so long story short 60$ later plus tip cause I felt bad I was never gonna call her again. And everything 3 hours later looked and felt the same before she arrived so I was discouraged I felt helpless and doomed I gave up. But I thought I can't be the only one in the world in this situation? And this inspired me to clean house's messy disorganized down right dirty houses the way a real home gets when you have 7 children 5 living with you like mine was getting.. and I wouldn't judge or refuse cause bottom line when you have children it has to be done so don't be shy give me someone who understands a try☺

Listing created Oct 11, 2018