I have my CPR and First Aid along with my CYW


I am an experienced childcare provider that also has a 10 year old daughter myself .

I have worked in the field for over 14 years and i have chosen to work from home going into the future .

I understand how expensive childcare can be and i would like to be able tonprovide childcare at a reasonable rate and not so expensive .

If you would like more information please contact myself .

I am ok with many questions as i understand as a mother how many questions we have when it comes to our children.

In my home i also have cameras and i will give the password to the parents so you can check in on your children throughout the day ,whenever you would like.

My qualifications is as follows

1 . HCP CPR ( health care provider CPR )

2. CYW ( child youth worker ) and ECE ( early childhood education)

3.first aid certificate

4. Many Reference

5. Over 14 years experience

Listing created Dec 9, 2018